Sunday, 20 November 2016

Discuss Something About Hair Transplant Treatments

Our hair goes through number of damaging factors every day and the list includes dirt, pollution, dust, mental stress, hormonal imbalance and harmful UV rays. By virtue of all these, a problem arises which is usually known by the name Hair fall. This is common among both men and women. Although, there are a number of ways by which that embarrassing baldness can be restored, but undoubtedly hair transplant is the best solution.

Hair transplant is an effective permanent method which involves evolving hair follicles from the less notable areas and replacing them on the affected areas. There are a number of benefits that why this method is far much better than other methods. Few of the eminent factors are discussed below.

Makes you look attractive
Permanent solution
Offers improved self confidence
Gives you a natural outlook
Save money

The Hair transplant method is basically accomplished in two different ways. The primary one is the FUT Transplant in which a strip is harvested in the affected area. Whereas the secondary one is the FUE Transplant which is in vogue these days and involves extraction of hair follicles from a particular donor area and are further implanted with a powerful stereo microscope.

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Get and Touch With Best Hair Transplant Doctor in Chandigarh

Nowadays, everybody wants to look attractive. Although, there are a number of elements which add an extra class to our natural beauty but hair are the dominating ones. Hairs with good volume and shiny texture are attractive. But what if you find yourself enough ugly as your hair is thinning or lacking somewhere? Now not to worry as a perfect solution for this have hit the trend and i.e the Hair transplant.

Basically, this process is about extracting few follicles from a selected donor area and implanting them to the affected areas. There’s one more way to execute this and that is harvesting a strip in  the affected area. Among both, the first one which is the FUT hair transplant is much in vogue.

Considering the city beautiful, then you may find number of specialists around you. But the matter is all about choosing the right one as you are going to invest a tremendous amount. Amidst all, the Athena Hair Now, is one of the most benevolent. The well-known clinic is entirely mobbed up with hair transplant doctor in Chandigarh who are holding extreme experience in this industry and are always available to serve clients with absolute dedication.

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Besides this, she has been a renowned speaker at various medical conferences and have gained benign practical exposure at the leading Fortis Hospital, Mohali and her belief of doing what she just absolutely loves makes her the best Hair transplant doctor in Chandigarh. 

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Wednesday, 16 November 2016

How to Control Hair Fall and Its Treatments

Hair is one of the elements of our body which influences our personality and all we can say that they are one of the priceless gifts. It is enough necessary to preserve healthy hair and this can be ruled out via precise care. As our lifestyles are changing, we can see a huge change in our hair growth cycles. Just wonder that how lame it seems when your towel is wrapped with hair strands or your ponytail seems so fragile and you are not able to make a pattern out of them.

This imbalance in the growth cycles leads to severe hair fall. Basically, this issue can rise at any age and is common among both men and women. According to a research, a person experiences a loss of 50-100 hair strands and 200 after hair wash. There are number of reasons behind this hair fall and the primary one is the deficiency of vitamins.

Besides this, the issue follows up with physical stress, lack of protein, over styling, pregnancy, hormonal imbalances, emotional stress, Anemia, Vitamin B deficiency, weight changes, PCOS, aging and many more. Now considering all these reasons, hair fall can be havoc for you as it highly impacts your overall mental and physical charm.

Or either we can quote it by saying that hair fall can be a scary phase for your life. When it comes to overcome this severe hair fall, then there are number of ways to threat this. Moreover, you’ll find an array of products as well for the hair fall treatment. But the method which is the safest is the hair transplant surgery.  The process basically covers the cramming of the bald areas via two primary methods i.e. FUE and FUT.

The perfect resolutions for the hair fall treatment in Chandigarh can be obtained via consulting a hair specialist. When it comes to the city beautiful Chandigarh, then Athena Hair now is the best group with experienced professionals who are always available to serve  the best options for your hair fall treatment.

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